Lets Get Started

I started this blog a while ago, thinking my posting style on Facebook would be better suited to a blog rather then spamming my friends News Feeds, but I never did get around to doing anything more then making the blog. Not a single post. The reason I am actually posting now goes back a little ways.

Back in ’06, before I was old enough to even have a driver’s license, let alone before I even began that one day, I would live on my own and have my own blog, my dad bought an R/C airplane. It was a Soarstar, available by Hobby Lobby International Inc, (not to be confused with the Hobby Lobby chain store), and was based on another design, the Wingo, and had no brand name, as clones generally don’t. My dad had flown some RC sailplanes back when he lived with his dad, and wanted to return to the hobby. He retrained himself to fly and then trained me, and I was hooked.

For the next two years, we enjoyed flying, albeit with greatly differing flying styles. I didn’t want to fly the “boring” sailplanes he was interested, and he had no interest in the sportier side that caught me, eventually leading to 3D flight. I had started with the SoarStar, but then migrated to the Great Planes Super Sportster EP. This was an electric version of a plane originally designed for flying with an internal combustion engine, was heavy and underpowered. It really needed a brushless motor, and although I was sent a second plane due to shipping damage, I never completed the brushless conversion on the repaired first plane. Instead I got an ElectriFly FlatOut Foamie for my birthday, and basked in the glow of 3D flight. The plane itself was a complete and utter design failure, and the foam cracked from in-flight forces, but I repaired and strengthened it and had a blast. When it was beat up too much, I transferred the electronics to a 3D foam model I found on RC Groups (RCG) which I constructed out of the blue foam made by the DOW Chemical Company for siding houses. Had a blast, the foam was much better, needing only a hot glue gun for repairs. I also had an Eflight Blade CX2 I flew around inside the house. Life was good.

However, this stage mostly ended when, do to a couple of reasons, my dad did not renew the membership to the club. I flew for a little while on the edge of my small town, but my dad did not have the proper space to fly his sailplanes and so rarely flew, I could get none of my friends interested in flying, and flying one plane by myself became stagnant and slowly I lost interest, ending in a crash. About a year later I had the urge to repair it, and did, and crashed it on my first flight as I was no longer used to flying and lacked the skills I was used to. The plane went on a shelf, untouched, and rarely thought of except for small, ignored thoughts of possibly repairing it some day.

Fast forward to ’12. I’m now legally able to drink, and I’ve been living in a two bedroom apartment with a roommate for more then a year and a half, working full time as a security officer, riding my motorcycle, volunteering on the local fire department, and still somehow managing to go to a community college where I am pursuing an Associates in Engineering Science degree before transferring to a university to get a BS degree in engineering, most likely as a mechanical engineer like my dad. At school, a talk about a number of different topics with one of the teachers, Mr. P, sparked my interest in RC again, as he was telling me of autonomous control vehicles and the things people had done with them. I planned to get a twin motor cargo plane, which I would let him use as a base, but hours of research on RCG caused me to change that to a quad. I loved the fact that with GPS they can go to specific waypoints, hold position, altitude, heading, etc on command, carry HD video cameras and first-person view (FPS) gear, allowing you to fly “from the cockpit”, have tons of fun, and do stuff no airplane can do.

As a result, I have made an order with HobbyKing (HK), to buy supplies to build my first quad. The list of parts that I ordered are below. I will not explain each part at this time, I will save that for when I first use that particular part.

First Quad - First Order

I think that does it for the first post. I’ve been at this for awhile and need to get back to sleep before work tonight.


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