Finally, It Has Arrived

When I woke up yesterday afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised to see two boxes sitting on the table, as I had only been expecting one. Around the start of October, I placed a second order for my dad and myself, for a couple more props, a LiPo back, an ESC for the airplane I plan to build, some XT60 connectors and some balance charge extensions. This order arrived in New York by the forth, much faster then my initial order had taken, and within a day had been processed and shipped on, so I expected it soon. However, my quad order, which was placed a week and a half before then end of September, was still listed as being in New York. Indeed, when I checked the tracking yesterday after it had arrived it was listed as delivered, with no updates between New York and Illinois. Either the USPS has invented teleportation, or their tracking sucks, and I’ll place a large bet it’s not the former.

Although pleasantly surprised that my quad parts had arrived, there was a second reaction bearing a certain foreboding, as one of the boxes was pretty crushed in shipment.
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Somehow I just knew the crushed box was my quad parts, the box that was three times as valuable as the other one, and indeed I was right. My biggest concern was the LiPo battery, and that it might have incurred shipping damage. The USPS does not allow international shipment of any sort of lithium batteries, so if I needed to return the battery it would have to go back via EMS or UPS and would probably have cost more then the battery was worth. Luckily, it was the best packed item in the shipment. It was wrapped in foam film, for lack of a better term, the type of packaging material usually used to wrap TV’s and computer monitors. Then it was placed in a small box, wrapped tightly in bubble wrap and taped securely.
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Not only that, but checking the cell voltages showed that all cells were at 3.85V, exactly matched, and a little research also told me that 3.85V is the voltage you want your pack at for the longest storage life. I haven’t tested the pack yet but it’s off to a good start just from the voltage check.
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In what initially seemed the opposite, everything else seemed to just have been chucked into a giant bag and thrown into the box. Further inspection told me I need not have worried, as the motors were wrapped in more of the foam-film, and honestly, nothing else was very fragile anyway.
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All in all, the contents of my $180 worth of parts from the order I posted about when I started this blog seemed slightly underwhelming. I expected…well, something else, I guess. I suppose it has to do with the fact that I have a lot of time ahead of me in testing, balancing, and building before I get to play with it.
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The second order which I did not mention on the blog in detail yet contained two fire resistant fiberglass LiPo charge sacks for my dad, which are referred to from here on as Lipo sacks, and one for myself. It also contained balance lead extensions for 3s batteries, so that the batteries would be able to sit inside the lipo sacks while charging, as the attached lead is fairly short. It also contained 4 servos and one ESC for upcoming my upcoming planned airplane(s), XT60 battery connectors, and a few more spare props. Although one third of the cost of the other order, it took up about the same table space.
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At this point I unwrapped and opened everything but the small items, and arranged them next to each other. I will cover details on the individual parts as I come to them in future blog posts, must likely as I test or attach them to each other and to the quad.
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Still much to do (well, everything, really), and I still have to move. I probably won’t be able to resist playing with it somewhat tomorrow, but I will need to sleep for a good period of the day as I am currently very short on sleep, and after that I will most likely do a little more packing and cleaning for my upcoming move. I’ll update later when I have something to update with.


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