On Writing Blogs

Writing a blog is work, plain and simple. It might not be for others, but it is for me. Someone may ask why, and that’s understandable, after all, all a blog owner has to do is put some words down on the screen on a semi-regular or regular basis, right? Well, sort of, but not quite. First off, you have to have something to write about. Secondly, you need to have the time to write something. Thirdly, you have to have the desire to spend a fairly sizable chunk of time writing your blog post. Finally, all three of the above things have to happen at the same time. You might not have something to write about, even if you have the time and desire, but more often then not for a type of blog that I have, talking about projects, I’m much more likely to have something to talk about then the time or desire to actually talk about it on my blog. Indeed, a lack of desire is why I haven’t posted since the middle of October.

My lack of desire stemmed from being fairly busy, after all, I work 40+ hours a week at night, go to school in the morning, and sleep in the afternoon. Even such, I still have plenty of time I waste mindlessly browsing the internet, where I could have instead brought up WordPress and started a draft, which I could write in increments, right? Well, right. But I didn’t, because when I didn’t need to work, sleep, do homework, or be in class, I would rather see my girlfriend, catch up on my motorcycle forum, or check up on the latest position of the New Horizons then to sit down and spend an hour wrestling with my jumbled thoughts until I spew something somewhat legible onto the page and hope someone finds it interesting or useful.

An artist’s rendition of New Horizons as it will appear during its flyby of Pluto and Pluto’s moons on July 14th, 2015.

The bottom line is, however, that the more free time I have, the more likely that my desire to update my blog happens at the same time as I have time to write the said update. And, lately, I just didn’t have much time. Today, I just took my last physics test of the year, yesterday, my last calculus test. I have no homework due for tomorrow, which is unusual, but a result of classes winding up. I have three more lecture hours left, in three different classes, two of which will only be review for the final, the third (statics) I’m not quite sure (but homework is due on Friday for statics). I have one final Monday, and two on Wednesday, and then I’m done for the semester, which I’m pretty excited for. You might think I should be studying for my finals, but one can only due so much, before a point is reach past which extra studying in no good, and that point was reached today. Not only did I get unusually short on sleep this week, but I had review for the final in calculus class this morning, followed by doing homework for statics, then statics class, then last minute review for my physics test and filling out my note sheet, then my physics test. After that, I was pretty sure extra studying wasn’t going to do me any good, so after talking to a couple of people at school, I came home and just chilled. During this time, I decided to update my blog.

This post itself is another reason I avoid writing these when I only have an hour or two of free time, and that’s because this post itself is quickly heading towards the one hour mark. I’m currently at about 50 minutes and just over 630 words in this post, as I write. When I start writing, I generally don’t write just a sentence or two, and I generally like to finish it instead of saving it, which is why this post will end up taking over an hour to write, all in one block. If I wasn’t writing this, though, I could have been causing chaos in Just Cause 2. Do you know how much stuff you can blow up in an hour in Just Cause 2? Quite a bit, in case you didn’t know.

Looks like someone’s having a bad day.

Not only do I tend to write a bit, and want to get it all done at one, but then you have the time it takes to find or take, edit, and upload images, get the link codes, then correct mistakes, edit, and preview the post, find another mistake, and so forth, until the publish button is hit, and the post is complete.

Before I leave, I would like to mention a couple of things, which will probably receive time in future blog posts. First, I bought myself a rubber ESD mat for electronics work, and I’ve built up a 0-30V, current limited power supply…well, the part on the protoboard, that is. Second, I’ve bought my first high power LED flashlight, 600 lumens. Yeah, that’s bright. Third, I have not forgotten my quad, by any means. I plan to start the construction next week, when finals are over. Expect more blog posts at that time, as well.

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App
I told you it was bright, but you didn’t believe me now, did you?


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