Construction Has Begun

Finals finished yesterday, for me, so I now have about a month with a lot more free time on my hands then I’m used to having. This is a good thing, I needed a break. It also means that I can, and did, start construction on my quad, for which I received all the parts to build back in October.

Right now, I have assembled the frame, which was made out of a 6″x6″ piece of 1/4″ thick birch plywood. This is the “body” of the quad, the platform upon which everything will sit. On the bottom, I attached the four arms with wood glue. The arms are 1/2″ square basswood, each 13.5″ long.

Here, I am aligning the arms onto my workbench, and using tape to secure them so they don’t move until I can get them glued. Not shown, but I also taped the arms to each other in the center, for gluing.

I applied glue to the arms.

I applied pressure, and wiggled it back and forth slightly until it felt “attached”, then held pressure and used my PowerShot staple gun to sink in two brads per arm, to hold them in place while the glue dries. The strength comes from the glue, not the nails. The brads were flush sunk with a hammer, as the staple gun leaves them sticking up about a millimeter or two.
Yes, that board is 6″x6″, and yes, I have big hands.

That entire process went really quick. I didn’t show it, but the plywood came as a 12″x6″ sheet, and I simply used a miter saw to cut it in half for my quad. Nothing fancy there. Here is the quad as the glue dries.
Lots of cool stuff in this picture.

I have to go run some errands, but once I come back, I plan on starting some work on the quad’s electronics, so there may be another update today still. If not today, tomorrow for sure.


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