ESC Firmware Flashing, Part 2

I actually finished this a while ago, I just haven’t got around to updating the blog since then. A lot has happened since I updated it…so let’s get into it.

In Part 2 of the ESC flashing, I’m going to add a couple pics on the hardware side of things. From there, it should be easy enough to figure out how to do the software yourself, with the link to BLHeli I posted in Part 1.

To start the process, take a knife or razor blade and split the shrink wrap open. Do this on the flat side, which has the heat sink, which will help protect the ESC from the knife. Go slow, and it goes pretty quick.
 photo 26_1_1301_zpsf8fbe93d.jpg

Each ESC needs three wires (not four, which I soldered on the first ESC). I cut all the wires I needed for the other three ESCs.
 photo 26_1_1302_zps2575b2ab.jpg

Here’s all four of the speed controllers, with the wires soldered on.
 photo 26_1_1303_zpse0509a4f.jpg

The three wires were soldered onto a servo connector, because it was handy, and uses three wires. Any lightweight three pin connector will work fine here, though.
 photo 26_1_1304_zps4447ce56.jpg

I then made a jumper to my Arduino with a female servo connector and a four pin row of male header pins.
 photo 26_1_1306_zps5dc8bf83.jpg

This four pin header with only three pins connected allows the ESC to connect to ground and pins 12 and 11 on the Arduino using only one connector. Pins 12 and 11 are default, but can be changed to any Arduino pin. Once connected, I ran a test to make sure the solder joints were good, and then flashed the speed controller.
 photo 26_1_1305_zpsecb9f4ad.jpg

Finally, you have to shrink wrap, or otherwise protect the ESCs. I choose to use shrink wrap, it’s easy to use. First, cut the wrap to fit over the speed controller.
 photo 26_1_1307_zps051aae76.jpg

Then, with a lighter or torch, shrink it until it fits nice and snug. Keep the heat moving at all times, don’t stop or you’ll melt a hole in the covering. It doesn’t take long, and soon you’ll be done. Who would even know you’ve ever opened it up?
 photo 26_1_1308_zpse0818886.jpg
 photo 26_1_1309_zps4a19f70e.jpg

That’s all there is too it, besides the software.

P.S. If this seems like too much work, there are several places that sell ESCs already flashed with SimonK firmware, and they are only a couple bucks more then buying them stock.