Here is a list of the acronyms and technical terms I use on my blog:

ESC: Electronic Speed Control: A device used to control the speed of a motor by rapidly switching the power on and off thousands of times per second with differing periods of power on vs power off. This is known as Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM).
FCB: Flight Control Board, an electronic board which is the brains of the quad. It takes the control input from the receiver, adds in stabilization from onboard sensors, and outputs four individual PWM streams, one to each motor (tricopters, hexs, etc have a differing number of outputs). These outputs, varying motor speed, are all that is required to control the quad.
FHD: Full High-Definition. Refers to a video source with 1080 horizontal lines of pixels. Used instead of HD for sources of 1080 lines to emphasize the higher resolution, implying a better quality which may or may not exist to do numerous other factors, which mainly include the quality of the image sensor and the quality of the actual filming process; e.g. lack of vibration of the camera.
FPV: First Person View, a method of controlling an RC vehicle using a camera mounted in the craft, while the user watches a monitor or wears goggles that display a virtual TV. The camera can be set up to rotate left and right as you turn your head, to enhance the experience.
HD: High-Definition. Refers to a video source with 720 or 1080 horizontal lines of pixels.
HK: HobbyKing, a Hong Kong based store that ships RC supplies worldwide at low prices.
PWM: Pulse-Width Modulation, a method of controlling the amount of power a device receives by turning the power on and off quicker so quick it doesn’t affect the device. Longer periods of off vs on time are used for low power, and vice versa. PWM is also used to for servos, ESCs, and other devices. In this case the length of pulse indicates a position or level and doesn’t regulate power to the device.
PPM: Pulse-Position Modulation, a method of encoding the position of various sticks, knobs, and switches on your transmitter to send to your receiver.
PVC: Polyvinyl Chloride, a plastic most commonly know for being used to make potable water pipes.
RC: Radio Control(led), a method of controlling something using radio signals.
RCG: RC Groups, a forum dedicated to all things RC. (Not just quads)
RX: Receiver. This receives the radio signal from your transmitter and coverts it to PWM signals for the ESC(s) and servos to control your RC vehicle. This works similar to how the radio in your car picks up the radio signal from the radio station and converts it to audio for your ears.
TX: Transmitter. This is the device you use to control your RC vehicle. It takes the position of sticks, knobs, and switches and combines them into a PPM signal which it then sends to your RC vehicle as a radio signal. This works similar to how a radio station takes audio and encodes it into a radio signal to send to the radio in your car.

Technical or Hobby Related Terms:
Lipo sack: A bag made of woven fiberglass, used to charge and store lipo batteries, so in the event they explode or catch on fire you hopefully do not burn your dwelling down.
Servo: An electromechanical device that takes a PWM signal from the RX and translates that signal into a position of the servo arm, used to move objects connected to the servo and controlled using a radio. This is the main method of controlling an RC plane, helicopter, and ground vehicle, but rarely used to control a quad.


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