Status Update

Just a really quick update. I know I’m overdue for one, as I said in my last post I would update the next day or so. I’ve been enjoying the holidays and not having school and haven’t been at my place very much to work on it.

I found the last motor mount, which I couldn’t find, so now the forth motor is sitting so the Loctite on the screws holding the newly attached motor mount and propeller mount can cure. I then attached one propeller to another motor and ran it up, and that thing has some thrust. This quad is going to climb like a rocket when it’s done.

Tonight I have some time available, so I plan to research the custom firmware I’m going to flash on my ESCs, and hopefully tomorrow I will start the process of flashing those. If I don’t break the first one, the other three shouldn’t be too hard.

I need a heavier duty soldering iron for soldering multiple 12 gauge wires. I have ordered a 300W Weller soldering gun for this purpose, which will be here Saturday. At that point, I plan on starting to solder the ESCs to a connector. I had a board to split off the wires, but I realized it’s going to get in the way, so I’ve just going to spider-wire the connectors together. This means the ESCs will all be connected together by solder joints; however, I will keep the bullet connectors between the motors and the ESCs

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